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Problems to Opportunities – Week of March 21st

Monday through Wednesday will be the tough days this week. Mars (energy and anger) and Uranus (unexpected events) began a square yesterday that will peak on Tuesday. Then Mercury will line up with Neptune on Tuesday and Wednesday. Accidents will be very likely. But people will also be very confused and high-strung. Idealistic thoughts and false starts are probable. So, if you have an idea, write it down and wait until later this week before you act on it. Also, use extra caution driving and doing any kind of dangerous work.

People with inner planets (Moon through Mars) in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) between 10 and 20 degrees will probably deal with extra stress from the Mars-Uranus square. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pises) with inner planets between 20 and 29 degrees may find the confusion from the Mercury-Neptune conjunction maddening.

We should notice that things have turned around by the last quarter Moon on Thursday night. It will usher in a good time for business. And we should find it easy to accomplish small tasks quickly through Saturday morning.

The Moon will enter me-first Aries very early Sunday morning. Also, Ceres (nurturing) and Chiron (emotional wounds) will be coming to the peak of a sextile on Monday. So Sunday will be a great day for new beginnings and new aspirations. Most of us will be supportive and energetic.

People could be very sensitive today, and they may suddenly react without notice. We may have trouble getting projects started, and mistakes will be likely. Try to relax.

There is a potential to accomplish difficult tasks very early today. But most of the day will be tense and confusing. Don’t rush into anything. And use caution operating any kind of dangerous equipment (especially cars).

The tension may be loosening today. But the confusion will likely be worse. Don’t make any major decisions including major purchases until tomorrow.

The Moon will go void of course this morning, so stick to routine chores if you can. Those of us who work alone may find the time beneficial. The Moon will enter Capricorn late this afternoon (mid-afternoon west coast), and then we will be ready to get serious about life.

It’s going to be a very good day for business and getting things done. We should accomplish quite a bit around mid-afternoon (early afternoon west coast). We should find that we finish small tasks very quickly tonight.

The Capricorn Moon will encourage us to set goals and get organized today. So it will be a great day for yard work, setting up the garden, cleaning the garage (or basement), or balancing the budget. We may be in the mood for something different tonight.

It will be a great day for starting new projects or getting involved in community activities. Some of us may be in the mood to learn something new.

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