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New Beginnings – Week of March 28th

This week looks really great! We should find that projects go well throughout most of this week. And it will also be a great time to begin something new. New love could even be possible for your single folks out there. We may also notice that our energy and stamina are strong by the weekend.

Ceres and Chiron will hit the peak of their sextile on Monday. This could fertilize all of our projects. It will also be a great day to learn something new.

We have a major opportunity period on Tuesday and Wednesday under the Pisces Moon. The opportunity period will actually begin late Monday night and last through early Thursday morning. Because the Moon is in Pisces, it will help us to sort through our emotions. And it could also encourage us to make decisions based on our emotions.

The Balsamic Pisces Moon will prepare us for the Aires New Moon Thursday night. We will actually have four planets conjunct for this New Moon, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Chiron. And they will all be at a sextile to Ceres. Friday, April 1st will be an excellent time to start new projects. Babies born on Thursday and Friday will have incredibly blessed lives and big talents.

And the Sun and Mercury will come to their superior conjunction on Saturday, just before the beginning of Ramadan. This always sparks our brains and our tongues. It will be a great day for public speaking and new ideas.

Also, Mars and Saturn will come to a conjunction on Monday, and this will influence our weekend. Mars is energy, and Saturn gives us stamina. So it will be a great weekend to accomplish many tasks.

We will be ready to make our own laws today under the Aquarius Moon. It will be a good day for planning events, helping others, and thinking outside of the box.

Intuitions will be strong today, and many will be willing to help the less fortunate. Our feelings will influence our decisions. And many of us will find it easy to connect to our Higher Power.

Many will be sensitive today. And our creative energy will be bubbling over. Most will feel content, and optimism will be high.

Today will be a me-first day under the Aries Moon. It will be a great day for new ideas and adventures. However, some will be temperamental. Be gentle.

Many will feel inspired today. So watch out! The April Fools’ jokes will be original. It will be a great time for new beginnings.

Our brains will be moving at the speed of light today, and ideas will be popping in and out of existence. Be sure to write down those great ideas, so you don’t lose any of them.

Today will be a day of accomplishments, so aim high!

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