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Diplomacy and Ideas – Week of April 4th

We may be ready for some transitions in our lives, with Venus entering Pisces and Mercury moving into Taurus this week. And by the way, Venus in Pisces and Mercury in Taurus will both be in their exalted signs. So we should find that diplomacy and ideas become easier to express in the weeks ahead.

Jupiter and Neptune are now officially less than 2 degrees apart, so we can consider them at a conjunction this week. Jupiter is optimism and good luck. And Neptune rules creative and altruistic energy. Spiritual and creative projects will show progress. And many will be ready to lend a hand to the less fortunate. Jupiter and Neptune will come to an exact conjunction next week on Tuesday.

It should also be a fairly productive week, with Mars and Saturn holding their conjunction early this week. And Mercury will reignite Mars and Saturn mid-week. Mars gives us energy, and Saturn adds stamina. And Mercury will lighten our moods and keep our judgment balanced.

The first quarter Moon will be in Cancer late Friday night. And the quarter moon works well with Cancer. So we should find it easy to express our feelings as we approach the weekend.

However, Mercury and Pluto will square-off over the weekend just before Mercury leaves Aries. And this could lead to mistakes and overspending. So think twice and practice moderation.

It will be a great day to tackle jobs that require a lot of energy. Our focus could shift late tonight when the Moon enters Gemini.

Venus will enter Pisces today around late morning (mid-morning west coast). We may notice that our artistic ideas and our sensitivity increase. It will be a great day for some creative writing or reading.

The Gemini Moon could bounce us around like a pinball today. However, it’s likely that Gemini will win that pinball game. Our judgment will be sound.

The Moon will be void of course until 11:30 AM ET (8:30 AM PT). Postpone meetings until after that time. Social ease will come naturally today.

Most will have a good sense of humor today, especially early. And home related projects will go very well. A home-cooked meal could be really special.

Optimism, romance, and friendly behavior will be the tone early today. However, minor mistakes and overspending are also a strong possibility.

It could be a good day for some fun, or maybe just a nap, under the Leo Moon. We may find it easier to slow down our thoughts and concentrate tonight.

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