Positive and Negative

Optimism to Conflicts – Week of April 11th

From Creative Optimism to Jealous Conflicts

This week will begin with Jupiter and Neptune coming to the peak of their conjunction, bringing a spiritual and an idealistic tone to our lives. The Sun and Saturn will also sing in harmony, creating an environment of patience and success.

Mars will enter Pisces on Thursday, increasing our imaginations and creative energy over the next six weeks. We will also be blessed with a productive opportunity period on Thursday morning.

However, those jealous conflicts mentioned in the title will erupt over the weekend with the Libra Full Moon creating a T-Square with Pluto. The Full Moon will occur on Saturday afternoon, but we will begin feeling that energy on Good Friday. We may feel that others are trying to force their wills upon us. And other people’s plans will probably conflict with ours. A Libra Full Moon out of balance can be a very terrible thing. Fights will be likely.

The Full Moon will be at 26° 46′ Libra. If you have any inner planets (Moon through Mars) between 24° and 29° in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, this Full Moon could be more difficult for you. Also check which house the Full Moon will be in and the house the Aries Sun is occupying in your chart. These houses will determine what area of your life will be affected. If you have questions, leave them in the comments under this post, and I will help you to diagnose how this Full Moon will affect you.

Even though the Moon will move on by Sunday morning, the Sun and Pluto won’t hit the peak of their square until Monday morning. So those jealous conflicts will continue through Sunday. However, Mercury and Venus will be sextile, helping us to stay calm. But we will have to work for that serenity. Remember to breathe.

The Leo Moon will be in a fairly good mood most of today. Nonetheless, we may waste time and lose efficiency, in general, by evening.

The Moon will enter Virgo this morning, helping us focus our minds and persuade others today. Our imaginations could help us to manifest our desires today. Most will be patient, and success will be likely.

The Virgo Moon will make it easy for us to focus on the details of any project today. Original ideas are also a possibility.

We may actually enjoy our work this morning. There could also be some unexpected opportunities with Mars at the anaretic degree in Aquarius. We may find ourselves at a turning point.

Emotions could be sensitive today, and old wounds may emerge. But most of us will be well mannered and cooperative.

Conflicts are likely, and some people may try to push you around. Do what you can to avoid arguments. Think before you act. Do not overreact.

Power struggles are possible today. And some of us may be ready to erupt like a volcano. But there is also a potential for calm. Take time to breathe and meditate.

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