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Optimism, Beauty, and Accomplishments – Week of April 18th

The Sun and Pluto will come to the peak of their square Monday morning, and that could cause more conflicts. But their strength should wane as the day progresses. We will also encounter a short opportunity period from early afternoon through early evening eastern time (mid-morning through late afternoon pacific time). This period should increase intuitions and strengthen our goals.

The Moon will enter optimistic Sagittarius Monday evening, and the Sun will enter slow and comprehensive Taurus on Tuesday night. Tuesday will be a great day to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, especially this time of year. However, our thoughts could become impractical and gullible on Wednesday with the Moon conflicting with Jupiter and Neptune. Be sure to slow down and think, before you say or do anything important.

We will enjoy another opportunity period after the Moon enters Capricorn from late Wednesday night through late Friday night (late Friday evening west coast). Pluto is presently transiting Capricorn, so he will add his flavor to this opportunity period. It will be an excellent time for ambitious projects. And Pluto loves to get rid of things that are no longer necessary. It could be an excellent time for cleaning files or even the garage.

The Moon will be in Aquarius over the weekend encouraging us to walk a different path. Mercury and Saturn will square off Sunday morning generating stubborn attitudes. But later Mercury will shake hands with Neptune inspiring artistic activities.

Power struggles possible early today. Postpone important meetings until afternoon (after mid-morning west coast). Intuitions will strengthen and accomplishments will increase through early evening (late afternoon west coast).

Thoughts will be big and attitudes will be optimistic under the sparkly Sagittarius Moon today. We may be ready to slow our pace and focus on beauty tonight.

It will be a good morning to get and give advice. However we may go to extremes this afternoon. Practice moderation.

It’s going to be a great day to get busy. Focus on what you really want to accomplish.

It’s going to be a wonderful day for business and progress. Schedule important calls and meetings early. People will be cooperative later in the day, and creative projects will go well.

Today is going to be a very good day to look back at all we’ve accomplished over the past few days. We will probably be ready to do some things differently. And we may need to focus on diplomacy later in the day.

We may find it difficult to communicate early today. However, our intuitive awareness will increase this afternoon. Worry may creep into our thoughts this evening. Try to keep your mind focused.

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