Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Eclipse of the Bull – Week of April 25th

We have a pretty enjoyable week ahead. The Moon will join four other major planets in Pisces from Monday morning through Wednesday afternoon. We will have two-and-a-half days of all things Pisces. We will also encounter a long opportunity period from Tuesday morning through Wednesday afternoon that will be good for artistic projects, prayer and meditation, deep conversations, and breaking boundaries.

Jupiter and Pluto will maintain a sextile (positive aspect) all week long. This could encourage us to examine psychological and spiritual ideas. Jupiter will even get to take part in a double sextile with Pluto on the left and Mercury on the right, creating a trine (very positive aspect) between Mercury and Pluto from Tuesday through Thursday. Travel will go well, and it will be a good time to gain support for our ideas.

Venus is going to conjunct Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday, increasing our creativity. A brief romance will also be possible. Mercury will enter his home sign of Gemini on Friday, enabling us to think more clearly. Then Venus will line up with her sweet partner, Jupiter, on Saturday, increasing joy. Venus will also come to a sextile with Pluto Saturday night, and this will encourage us to get out and socialize.

The Sun and Mars will begin a sextile on Thursday that will continue through the end of next week. Sextiles are positive, but they also require some work from us. Nervous energy could begin running through our bodies. And we will need to practice self-control.

On the negative side, Pluto will begin his retrograde on Saturday, ending our long spell (since February 4th) of no planets in retrograde. Scorpios and Capricorns may notice more discomfort than the other signs.

However, the solar eclipse on Saturday is going to be the big news of the week. It’s going to be a partial eclipse, so it won’t be as heavy as some we’ve endured. The eclipse won’t conjunct Uranus in Taurus, but it will be very close. So there is a slight possibility of accidents or unexpected incidents.

The eclipse will be at 10° 28′ Taurus. Check your natal chart. If you have any inner planets (Sun through Mars) between 7° 28′ and 13deg; 28′ in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you’ll probably feel it more, depending upon which natal planet is being aspected. Also check which of your houses this eclipse will land in. That will give you an indicator of what part of your life could be affected.

If you have questions, leave your comments under this article. And I will try to give you a quick answer.

It should be a good day for work. We will find it easy to stay active and finish tasks. Creativity will emerge no matter what our projects are.

We will enter a Pisces Moon opportunity period that will last through tomorrow afternoon. We will probably commune with higher dimensions all day long. New ideas are likely!

The creative energy from yesterday will continue through late morning. And then we’ll be ready to start something new under the me-first Aries Moon. Romance will also be a possibility all day long. And we may gain support for our ideas.

The Aries Moon will align with Chiron, the wounded comet, today. Sometimes Aries can be a bully. Think twice before you tease others.

Pluto will hit his retrograde station around late morning/early afternoon. Arguments will be a possibility. And we may put demands on others and ourselves. But our moods should lift this evening.

The solar eclipse will occur at 4:28 PM ET (1:28 PM PT). And our friends down in southwest South America will actually be able to view it. Get the details here. It will be a great night for parties.

It will be a good day for serious work and thought. Our visions will become clear this evening, and it will be a great night for anything from arts to finances to romance.

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