Smooth Sailing

Pleasant Sailing – Week of May 2nd

We have an amazingly pleasant week ahead. We will have two positive aspects between outer planets, and a very long opportunity period that will run from late Wednesday night through early Saturday morning. The bad news is that we will enter a Mercury retrograde storm on Tuesday, and the Moon will be in a cranky mood on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8th.

Venus will enter Aries on Monday, where she will live for the next 26 days. Venus is detriment in Aries, meaning she finds it rather uncomfortable. So we may find that relationships and finances get a little wonky over the next few weeks.

Jupiter will be at a sextile with Pluto, and Mars will be sextile to Uranus through Wednesday this week. Jupiter and Pluto could spark an interest in spiritual or psychological ideals. And Mars and Uranus will bring success with almost everything we attempt. The Sun and Uranus will also come to a sextile late Wednesday night, bringing original ideas. However, because we will have entered the Mercury Retrograde storm, we need to stick with ongoing projects and keep new projects in the planning phase.

We will enter an opportunity period late Wednesday night, making creative projects flow easily. Mercury will shake hands with Venus throughout Thursday, generating emotional happiness. On the other hand, the Sun will reach out to Mars, causing nervous energy on Friday.

The Moon will enter fun-loving Leo on Saturday, but that cheerful mood could become distorted on Sunday, Mother’s Day. Erratic and/or eccentric behavior will be possible. So try to go with the flow.


The Moon will enter Gemini early this morning. And our moods may be temperamental before noon (mid-morning west coast). It could be a good day for understanding how others think and feel.


The Gemini Moon will keep us busy today. Our interests may pull us in a new direction. It will be a great day for completing projects. Success is probable.


It will be another busy day, but we might find it a little difficult to communicate with others. Our minds will be focused and our personalities magnetic. Just ponder your words. And may the force be with you.


The Moon will be in home-loving Cancer today, and she could be in a rather inventive mood. It will be a great day for family projects and fun with the kids. Happiness will abound.


The Cancer Moon will be in a very good mood today, especially this evening. Nervous energy is also a possibility, so we will need to practice self-control. Stay focused.


The Moon will enter big-hearted Leo this morning, and we may be in the mood for some shopping or even some redecorating.


Erratic behavior is possible, especially early today. Also, some will be impulsive. But our moods should be calm this evening. Happy Mother’s Day!

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