The Curves of Life

Traveling the Curves of Life – Week of May 9th

‘Twas the week between eclipses and all through the world, many were preparing for apocalypses while checking the Herald.

Changes are likely early this week. Mercury will turn retrograde on Tuesday morning, Jupiter will enter Aries on Tuesday afternoon, and there will be a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on Sunday night.

Our upcoming Mercury retrograde will begin on May 10th at 4º 51’ Gemini, and it will end on June 3rd at 26º 5’ Taurus. This Mercury retrograde, our last Mercury retrograde, and the next Mercury retrograde will be in air signs. Mercury retrograde in air signs encourages us to examine the relationships in our lives. We may notice dissatisfaction in our social surroundings. It may be time to release unworthy friends. We will probably have the most difficulty with devices that can be regarded as extensions of our communication network, like phones, computers, even cars.

Jupiter spends about one year in a sign. Jupiter entering Aries can increase our confidence, vitality, and impetuousness. He will probably encourage many of us to wander more than usual. Jupiter in Aries is an excellent time for a long-distance trip. We could also become more generous because Jupiter is the philanthropist of the zodiac. Jupiter’s retrograde will begin on July 28th, then he will return to Pisces from October 29th through December 20th.

As I mentioned above, the eclipse on Sunday night will be a total lunar eclipse. Most of the US will be able to view the total eclipse. The western states could miss some of the partial and penumbral phases. A few in the extreme northwest US may miss the totality of the eclipse (when it turns orange).

More about viewing the eclipse.

Sunday’s eclipse will be at 25º 18’ Scorpio. Time to get your natal chart and see which of your houses the eclipse will land in. That will show what area of your life will be affected. Also, if you have any inner planets (Sun through Mars) between 22º 18’ and 28º 18’ in Scorpio or Taurus, this eclipse could generate extra stress in your life, depending on the planet. If you have questions, just leave your comments under this blog post, and I will try to answer you.


There could be some emotional upheavals today that will cause us to reconsider our personal philosophy. We will probably refocus our energy by early evening (late afternoon west coast).


Technical errors, misunderstandings, and misdirections are likely today with Mercury at retrograde station. Our desire for freedom could increase this evening (late afternoon west coast).


It will be a good day for cleaning, organizing, and getting down to the details of any project. Our thoughts could turn to love and beauty late tonight.


People will be polite and cooperative today. We may find we can reach decisions and even persuade others this morning. Extravagance is possible tonight.


It will be another polite day, but some may feel awkward throughout most of the day. Accomplishments and patience will become easier tonight.


Everything we do today, we will do passionately. However, our energy could be low, but our understanding will be strong.


Losses are likely today. Do not gamble. But meditation and prayer will be effective. Harmony and idealism are possible tonight.

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