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Buffet of Opportunities – Week of May 16th

The planets will serve a buffet this week with a little taste of everything. Ceres and Jupiter will work through some discord throughout most of the week. Mars is also going to be a busy beaver for the next eight days. The Sun and Pluto will sing in harmony around mid-week. The Sun will leave Taurus for Gemini on Friday. And, Mercury will hit the half-way point of his retrograde on Saturday.

The eclipse energy from Sunday night could still be “ringing in our ears” on Monday. Stress will be a possibility for another day.

The Ceres Jupiter square actually began last week on May 9th and will continue to haunt us through Friday or even Saturday. These two could take away our feeling of well-being and abundance. We may mourn over loved ones and pets we’ve lost in the past. We may long for a simpler life, and the cost-of-living increases could feel overwhelming.

Mars began a conjunction with Neptune on Sunday, and it will continue through Thursday. Mars, the warrior, conjunct Neptune, the dreamer, may encourage some impractical behavior with our money and our time. So think twice before you get out that credit card. And don’t let something go too long.

The Sun and Pluto trine will shine on Tuesday, and will continue to brighten through Thursday. This will give us the energy and opportunities to make some genuine progress in our lives. However, Mercury is in retrograde, so we will need to focus our goals on existing projects.

Mars will start a sextile with Pluto on Friday lasting through Monday, May 23rd, or even a little later. Where Mars rules wars, Pluto, the higher octave of Mars, governs nuclear weapons. But sextiles can be positive if we will do some extra work to make it happen. Mars and Pluto will give us the ability to tackle problems. But we have to start the effort.

The Sun entering Gemini on Friday night will encourage us to stay busy and stay in touch with friends and contacts. It will be an excellent time to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. But it will be a terrible time to make new contacts. Mercury will turn direct on June 3rd, and Mercury will exit his retrograde storm on June 11th. Then it will be time to look ahead again.

Mercury will conjunct the Sun on Saturday, signaling the half-way point of Mercury retrograde. Mercury, the trickster, often becomes more prevalent after Mercury retrograde crosses this point. We often feel the urge to move forward with our lives. And when we do, Mercury will sabotage our efforts.

The eclipse energy of last night may keep some of us moody. But the Sagittarius Moon will also increase our optimism. It will be a splendid afternoon for working on detailed projects.

Many of us will be ready to make our lives more beautiful this morning. It will also be a wonderful day for brief trips and planned travel events. We will need to stay focused on the tasks at hand, or we may waste our time and/or money.

The Capricorn Moon will encourage us to get down to business today. And we could find we accomplished a lot, if we stayed positive. We may have to remind ourselves not to cry about things we can’t change.

It’s going to be a great day for reunions, and for planning future trips. It will be a glorious afternoon, evening, and night to deal with practical matters.

The Moon will enter Aquarius this morning, and we may find ourselves in the mood for something different. Great ideas are likely, but we will need to keep them in the planning stage until Mercury retrograde ends.

It will be a great day for brief trips and attending to the details of any project. We should find it easy to tackle problems. So get busy!

The Moon will enter Pisces this morning, encouraging us to pay more attention to our intuitions. We may even want to take an intuitive approach to problem solving. Big promises and big dreams are possible.

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