Mostly Pleasant

Mostly Pleasant – Week of May 23rd

I’ve been sick with another virus over the past 5 days.  I’m feeling better but no way near back to normal.  So this week’s astrology forecast is going to be brief.  Thanks for understanding — Janet.

This week will begin with some very pleasant aspects. Mercury Rx has just finished a conjunction with the Sun.  And Mars is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter.  These two conjunctions will be sextile (60º) one another.  And these two sextiles will also align with Pluto creating what astrology calls a small talent triangle, which consists of two sextiles and one trine (90º).  This usually creates a time of enjoyment with little stress.  And these aspects will influence us from Monday through Wednesday.

Also Mars will enter his home sign of Aries on Tuesday.  We should find that our energy increases, and many of us will want to stay busy over the next six weeks.

The Moon will come to a conjunction with Venus Thursday evening, and the two of them will come to a square with Pluto.  We may be putting demands upon ourselves and others.  And our judgment could be harsh.

The Moon will enter Taurus on Friday, and we will be ready to slow down and enjoy lifeVenus will follow the Moon into Taurus on Saturday.  Venus is the ruler of Taurus, so many of us will be interested in hugs and sweet treats for the next 3 ½ weeks.

There will be a short opportunity period on Sunday morning giving us steady energy to push forward with ongoing projects. Then the Moon will enter busy Gemini by early afternoon (late morning west coast) encouraging cooperation and excitement.

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