Finch in a Gentle Rain

Mild Tempers – Week of May 30th

The Gemini New Moon will usher in our week and our Memorial Day holiday on Monday morning. The New Moon is usually a good time to start new projects, and Geminis are often full of new ideas, but Mercury is still in retrograde. So keep those new ideas in the planning stages.

Even though they won’t come to an exact aspect, Mercury and Saturn will hold a square through next Wednesday, June 8th. This could encourage stubborn behavior, which may not be such a bad idea with Mercury still in his retrograde storm through June 11th.

Mercury and Neptune will also cling to a sextile that will never become absolute through June 8th. It could be a good time to express our wishes to the Universe through prayers or spell work.

It should be a fairly mild week. There will be no major planetary aspects excluding the Moon. Mercury will be turning direct on Friday. And Saturn retrograde will begin on Saturday shortly before the beginning of Shavuot.

Wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day holiday and a successful new Summer.

Mars will have officially passed Jupiter today, and their conjunction will be widening. But it could still be an optimistic day, and our energy should be plentiful.

Get important calls and meetings done early today. The Gemini Moon will go void of course around mid-afternoon (early afternoon west coast). Then it will be time to work alone or stick to routine chores.

The Cancer Moon will be in a crabby mood this morning, and promises will probably be broken. Then the Moon will pick a fight with Mars by early afternoon (mid-morning west coast). Some will feel restless. Others will worry. Comfort food could help.

The moody Cancer Moon will be in recovery today. Creative projects will go well, especially at home.

Mercury will hit Direct Station today at 4 am ET (1 am PT). Planets at their stations are always the most difficult. There could be problems communicating and travel delays. Internet mix-ups are also likely.

The Moon will be in fun-loving Leo, but Saturn will be at direct station today. Saturn can be a very restrictive planet, so keep expectations to a minimum. Problems are possible with authority figures.

The Leo Moon is going to be in a bad mood until he goes void of course early this evening (mid-afternoon west coast). It could be a good day for some entertainment or a nap.

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