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Getting Better Day by Day – Week of June 6th

When Mercury turned direct in Taurus on Friday, he was a little more than 1º away from a square with Saturn.  Saturn rules what we fear, and Taurus is the governor or money. We may have been worried about money since early last week. Saturn and Mercury are now moving away from each other, and we should notice that the worry will slowly dissipate from now through Thursday.

Mercury has also been holding a trine with Pluto since May 22nd.  They came to an exact trine on May 25th.  And now that Mercury has changed directions, they will come to a second exact trine this Friday, June 10th. So we’re going to be under the positive light of Mercury and Pluto throughout most of this week.  Mercury trine Pluto makes it easy to communicate, so it will be a great week to make a pitch for whatever it is you want.

We will also encounter an opportunity period from Thursday morning through early afternoon Friday (mid-morning west coast).  This will be a wonderful time to establish connections with others. We may also want to beautify ourselves and our environments.

Venus and Uranus may bring new love interests into our lives on Friday and Saturday.  We will also exit Mercury’s retrograde storm on Saturday. So we should be ready to move full-speed-ahead towards those new projects.

Mercury will be at that critical 29th degree on Sunday, but the Scorpio Moon may help to keep our nerves calm.  The Moon will enter Sagittarius, the optimist, on Sunday afternoon, and Mercury will reenter his home sign of Gemini on Monday morning, bringing a return to normalcy.



The Virgo Moon could be in a rather critical mood today.  Think twice before you speak.


Original ideas are likely this morning, but our patience may also be rather thin. Try to stay balanced.


The Moon will complete a grand trine in earth signs with Mercury and Pluto very early this morning. This should bring clarity and success if we’re awake to take advantage of it.


The Libra Moon will generate an opportunity period from early this morning until late morning tomorrow. It will be an excellent time to network with other people. We will gain much support from others.


It will be an excellent day for discussions and special plans. Some will be very passionate about their ideas. Express yourself!


New love is possible today. It will also be a great day for shopping. It’s likely we will find some special bargains.


Everything we do today, we will do passionately under the Scorpio Moon. It will be a great evening to get outside and maybe even go for a ride.

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