Planetary Transits

Planetary Transits July – September 2022

MarsEntersTaurus Mars Enters Taurus – July 5th at 2:04 am et

MercuryEntersCancer Mercury Enters Cancer – July 5th at 2:25 am et

VenusEntersCancer Venus Enters Cancer – July 17th at 9:32 pm et

MercuryEntersLeo Mercury Enters Leo – July 19th at 8:35 am et

SunEntersLeo The Sun Enters Leo – July 22nd at 4:07 pm et

MercuryEntersVirgo Mercury Enters Virgo – August 4th at 2:58 am et

VenusEntersLeo Venus Enters Leo – August 11th at 2:30 pm et

MarsEntersGemini Mars Enters Gemini – August 20th at 3:56 am et

SunEntersVirgo The Sun Enters Virgo – August 22nd at 11:16 pm et

MercuryEntersLibra Mercury Enters Libra – August 25th at 9:03 pm et

VenusEntersVirgo Venus Enters Virgo – September 5th at 12:05 am et

SunEntersLibra The Sun Enters Libra – September 22nd at 9:04 pm et

MercuryRetrogradeEntersVirgo Mercury Retrograde Enters Virgo – September 23rd at 8:04 am et

VenusEntersLibra Venus Enters Libra – September 29th at 3:49 am et

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