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Get Up and Go – Week of June 13th

The planets are going to be busy this week, which could motivate us to make some changes in our lives. Mars and Chiron are going to join up. Mercury will reenter Gemini. The Sagittarius Full Moon will square off with Neptune. The Sun will tickle Saturn and poke at Neptune. Then Venus will follow behind and pinch Saturn and shake hands with Neptune. Saturn and Neptune are exactly 30º apart right now, so when a planet aspects Saturn, it will probably also aspect Neptune. And the week will end with the Sun and Pluto out of phase on Father’s Day and Juneteenth.

Mercury will reenter his home sign of Gemini on Monday morning, and we’ll probably notice our thoughts are better organized and clearer. We may also find ourselves motivated to get up and do something.

Mars and Chiron will hit the peak of their conjunction on Wednesday. However, we will probably deal with their energy throughout the first half of this week. Chiron is called the wounded comet, because the Chiron of mythology was abandoned by his mother. But Chiron is also the ruler of education, because he was rescued and cultured by Apollo. And we all know Mars is the god of war. We may deal with confrontations by others. And chores and tasks could become burdens. A trip to the library or watching a practical documentary may help to ease some of the friction. Exercise could also help.

The Full Moon will be on Tuesday, Flag Day, early in the morning. So we may find that Full Moon insanity eating more at us on Monday rather than Tuesday. With Neptune involved, our judgment will be poor and some will be gullible.

The Sun-Neptune square will continue through Thursday morning. And the Sun will hold a trine with Saturn at the same time. Our poor judgment will continue through Thursday. But the Sun and Saturn aspect could make it easier to deal with authority figures. However, Saturn doesn’t care much for positive aspects. So we will probably notice a loss of common sense more than successes with the boss.

Venus will align with Saturn and Neptune over the weekend. This could cause sarcasm with loved ones and blood sugar problems. But there’s also a slight possibility that a wish could come true.

The Sun and Pluto confusion on Sunday, Father’s Day, and Juneteenth, could show the conflicts between our selfish egos and our altruistic spiritualism. Mercury and Jupiter will also approach a sextile on Sunday, and this could prove to be a pleasant distraction. Try to focus on plans, especially travel plans, to ease the struggles.

We should find it easier to focus our thoughts today, and things may even get exciting this evening (mid-afternoon west coast). Some could become very impressionable tonight. Think carefully before making any major decisions.

Yesterday’s gullibility may carry over to today. Chores and activities may also feel insurmountable. Some addictive behaviors may creep up. Be vigilant.

We may feel that everything that needs to be done is ours to do. Don’t push yourself too hard. Also postpone major decisions until Friday.

Our intuitions could be strong early today, and quiet conversations could be productive through mid-afternoon (late morning west coast). Many will be ready to take a new look at life by late afternoon (mid-afternoon west coast).

Our energy could be complicated today. If we focus it correctly we’ll be able to bounce with the rhythm of the stars. But if we lose our balance, we may end up beating ourselves up.

We will need to be gentle with ourselves and those we love today. If we can send positive energy to the Universe today, we may get a pleasant surprise.

It will be a good day for reunions, new ideas, and making travel plans. It will also be important to be good to ourselves and others.

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