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Summer Begins – Week of June 20th

We could find that our goals and attitudes shift early this week with the Sun entering Cancer and Venus crossing into Gemini. The minor planet, Ceres, will make a couple of aspects, and that could cause a trivial change in our health or our income. We may be ready to slow down and enjoy life on Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday. Then we will probably be ready to get busy on Sunday.

Venus and Pluto will sing in harmony throughout Monday, and they will encourage good relations with everyone we meet. Also, the Moon will hit its last quarter Monday night keeping emotions balanced.

Summer will officially begin very early on Tuesday morning with the Sun entering Cancer. We may focus on family, including backyard barbecues, water recreation, and family vacations.

Ceres will come to a square with Chiron (both minor planets) on Wednesday. Ceres rules nourishment and health. And Chiron governs old wounds, physical and emotional. This could aggravate an old injury or we may choose to skip the workout at the gym and indulge in high-calorie (or high-fat, or high-cholesterol) foods.

Venus will enter Gemini Wednesday evening, and will spend the next 25 days transiting this sign. Venus in Gemini will encourage conversations with loved ones and some flirting. Venus in Gemini could also encourage us to do a little traveling.

After the Moon enters Taurus on Thursday morning, we will be ready to relax and appreciate all the beauty in our lives. We may decide to do a little redecorating or gardening. We will encounter an opportunity period from Saturday morning through the afternoon, which will be good for finishing projects.

Mars and Saturn will approach an agreement on Sunday. This should make it easy to complete tasks so long as they were planned.

Our intuitions should be strong today, but some will be overly sensitive this afternoon. Patience may be lacking tonight, but those, especially in the west, should find their focus later.

Optimism will be strong, and thinking will be quick early today. It should be a good day for independent imaginations.

We may hit a minor upset today, but it’s doubtful that we will let it take us down. We’ll likely be ready to spend time with friends and maybe even a little romance tonight.

It’s going to be a great day for slow, methodical projects, especially any projects that help us get a good look at our assets. Some may want to reorganize their collections.

Unexpected financial or emotional gains are possible today. But it’s doubtful that we will be in the mood to rush. One step at a time should prove to be a fruitful action.

There will be an opportunity period from mid-morning (early morning west coast) through early evening (late afternoon west coast). This will be an excellent time to finish projects already begun.

It will be a great day for work, especially if we planned the project ahead of time. Projects that require short trips and coordinating with others should go very well.

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