Positive Changes – Week of July 4th

Mostly, the planets will be in an excellent mood this week. The Moon will hit a few bumps in the road, but lunar events only last a few hours. And there could be some tension in the air on Thursday and Friday with the Sun picking on Chiron and Mercury and Jupiter fighting. But our creative energy will return on Saturday, and our optimism will increase on Sunday.

We may be in the mood to get organized today, and many will find it easy to socialize at the Independence Day parties.

We may notice a shift in energies today, with Mars entering Taurus and Mercury entering Cancer. Our energy will be calm and controlled, and our thoughts will be clear and colorful.

It’s going to be a good day for business meetings and social events. Most will be polite and cooperative. But some may become impatient, especially later in the day.

It should be another polite and cooperative day under the Libra Moon. But moods will probably swing tonight. Some will become demanding, and we may expect too much from ourselves.

Everything we do, we’ll do passionately, under the Scorpio Moon. Our judgment could be off, and we may jump to the wrong conclusion. Think twice before you speak.

Some will be sensitive today, but romance is also a strong possibility. Tonight (this evening on the west coast) will be an excellent time for serious work. Original ideas are likely.

Our enthusiasm will be strong today, and it will be a great day to get out and explore unknown places. Spontaneous behavior will be rewarded.

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