Woodpecker in Front of the Full Moon

Buck Supermoon – Week of July 11th

The Full Moon in July is called the Buck Moon. The Algonquin Native American tribes gave the July Full Moon the name because this is the time the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads. This Full Moon will occur on Wednesday at 2:38 PM ET (11:38 AM PT), just 10 hours after the Moon was at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit. So it will be the biggest and brightest Full Moon of 2022.

We are probably going to feel the effects of this Full Moon from now through the last quarter Moon next week. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is only one factor affecting us. Mercury and Ceres are going to be very close to the Sun in the zodiac, and the Moon will be close to Pluto creating a tremendous tug of war. We will also have Neptune and Uranus generating harmonic frequencies to the Full Moon energy.

Full Moons generate a lot of tension any time. And when we add Mercury’s detailed focus, Ceres’ work ethics, and Pluto’s explosive energy, it’s quite possible that some major changes will be initiated around this Full Moon. Uranus’ and Neptune’s energy could include a few unexpected miracles. Any Full Moon magic should prove successful.

The Full Moon is a time for releasing. Releasing pent up anger and anxiety. Releasing old ways of doing things that are no longer working for us. And with Pluto involved, releasing the clutter in our minds, our lives, and our environments will be essential.

Extravagance will be a possibility today, especially later in the day. Gullible and impressionable behavior likely tonight.

Excitement is possible early today. But by mid to late afternoon, our luck could change. Even so, most of us will be able to hold onto our common sense.

Tension could be high today. But if we go with the flow, new ideas and support for those ideas are possible. Let your light shine with the Full Moon.

We will probably be ready for a change of pace today, but emotional thinking is also a possibility. A fading relationship may die today or tomorrow.

Minor obstacles may impede our progress today, and we may find it difficult to communicate. Around late afternoon (mid-afternoon west coast) it will be a time to reestablish connections with others.

It will be a good day for short trips and looking at the details of any project. Romantic and idealistic thoughts are also possible, especially later in the day.

It should be a great day for friendship and maybe even a little romance. However, impulsive behavior and even quarrels are also possible. Night owls will get an extra boost of energy to use however they please tonight.

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