Buddhist Child Releasing a Dove

Releasing – Week of July 18th

This week will begin with the Sun and Mercury at a tug of war with Pluto. And after this opposition, Mercury and the Sun will cross into Leo. So we may notice a change in attitudes with the sign transitions.

Our last quarter Moon will be in Aries on Wednesday morning. From this last quarter Moon until the New Moon 8 days later, it will be a time for releasing and banishing. Let go and let God!

The Sun will enter Leo on Friday morning, while Mercury begins a trine with Jupiter. This will definitely lighten our attitudes. Even work will be enjoyable.

Venus will begin a square with Jupiter on Saturday that will last through Monday morning (Sunday night west coast). This could bring some bad-luck, especially in personal or financial relations.

The Moon will enter Aries early this morning, so this could be a me-first kind of day. Some will be outspoken today, and quarrels are possible.

Aggressive and unwise actions are probable today. But our words could be a bit sweeter than yesterday. Be gentle. People could easily be emotionally wounded.

Emotional conflicts are possible early today. But by mid-day we will be ready to slow down and appreciate what we have.

We may want to finish up tasks today. But we will probably do them patiently and at a moderate pace, one step at a time.

We will encounter an opportunity period today from mid-afternoon through late tonight. It will be an excellent time to revamp your space and clear away any unnecessary clutter.

Mercury and Jupiter will be singing in harmony today keeping our work interesting. The Gemini Moon will encourage us to get up and get busy, and she will keep conversations intelligent.

Things could get personal today, especially with loved ones and money. Many will be sensitive, so mind what you say.

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