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Stress and Opportunities – Week of July 25

Weekly Newsletter Ending

This week will be the last week I’ll be sending my weekly newsletter. I will continue to post my forecast on You can come to the site to read my forecast, but I will not be sending it via email. I will never stop posting the daily forecasts and astrology data on the site. I use that for my benefit. It’s one place where I can quickly get the information I need.

SparrowMoon does not earn enough money to pay for itself. I don’t think I’ve done 12 readings since the first of the year for SparrowMoon visitors. And yet I have to pay for web hosting, domain renewal, a yearly security certificate, spam filters and images for the blog, and even form hosting. Mail Chimp is good enough to provide my mail client for free. But it requires 3 to 4 hours per week to prepare the newsletter. I don’t want to put my time into something that pays so little.

I will still send an occasional newsletter to keep my subscribers up to date on big events like Mercury, Venus, and Mars retrogrades, the eclipses, and any other major events in the stars.

Thank-you for your dedication,
Janet (Sparrow) Moon

Many will be sensitive today, and that sensitivity could get amplified by early afternoon (late morning west coast). We could also find it very difficult to communicate. Postpone important conversations until Wednesday.

It’s probably going to be another upsetting day, especially early in the day. Some will be touchy today, and our thought processes could even be frustrating. Moodiness is probable.

Our spirits should be greatly improved compared to the last 2 days, but we may hit some snags tonight (this evening west coast).

It could be a good day for new beginnings under the Leo New Moon. But we may also find ourselves dealing with bad luck and negative attitudes. Try not to worry too much.

The Leo Moon is going to be in a very bad mood today. Impulsive and erratic behavior possible. Some will be temperamental.

Mars and Uranus are going to darken the next 3 days. Some will become overly excited, so try to stay calm. We may be in the mood for some cleaning and organizing this afternoon and evening, but watch what you put in writing.

The excitement could overwhelm us today, but self-assurance will also abound. Keep your eye open for opportunities. Stay calm!

One thought on “Stress and Opportunities – Week of July 25

  • Hey Janet, I just wanna say you do amazing work. Im on your site at least 5 to 10 times out of the week lol. You are an excellent astrologer and I’ve gotten a reading from you. 💛As intuitive advice for you, I would say think outside the typical box and you’ll do even better.✨️

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