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Love, Passion, and Optimism – Week of August 1st

Monday, August 1st
Our nerves could be on edge today. Try not to get too excited. Intuitions could be off this afternoon. Peace will likely come tonight.

Tuesday, August 2nd
Love, beauty, and luxury could be the tone for today under the Libra Moon. We should find it easy to express our feelings.

Wednesday, August 3rd
The Libra Moon will be out of balance through mid-afternoon (early afternoon west coast), so postpone meetings until later. Apathy and excessive demands possible tonight.

Thursday, August 4th
Our minds could be very busy today, and we should find it easy to communicate with others. The Scorpio Moon will stimulate our passions, and it will be a great day for troubleshooting.

Friday, August 5th
There could be some minor romantic upsets early today. We could also encounter some distractions and difficulties functioning with others this evening (late afternoon west coast). Passionate opportunity period throughout the night.

Saturday, August 6th
The Moon will enter Sagittarius early this afternoon (mid morning west coast) stimulating our optimism and sense of adventure. Our duties may be demanding, but our creativity will be high.

Sunday, August 7th
Our chores may be heavy, especially early today. However we may decide to do a little redecorating while we’re at it. Romance is also a possibility.

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