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Fantasy, Inspiration, and Adventure – Neptune Sextile Pluto


Neptune will be at a sextile with Pluto over the next 10+ years. When slow outer planets align we feel it as a nation, as a world, and in our subconscious. Funny thing, though, I started noticing birth charts from the 50’s, the 70’s, and the 80’s with Neptune sextile Pluto. For decades now Neptune and Pluto have been coming to a sextile and then pulling apart. So I got out the ephemeris and took a deeper look.

I am aware that Pluto has an elliptical orbit, and he’s in a faster part of his orbit at the time of this writing. But I didn’t realize how much faster he’s been going through the zodiac. Neptune’s orbit is about 165 years, and Pluto takes about 250 years to orbit the Sun. So, it’s logical to assume that Neptune will aspect Pluto and then move on past it. But that really hasn’t happened much since the latter half of the 20th century.

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Neptune came to a conjunction with Pluto in 1891, and then Neptune moved ahead of Pluto on our solar system racetrack. Neptune then came to a semi-sextile (30°) with Pluto from 1914 through 1919. Neptune kept moving ahead of Pluto and he came to a sextile (60°) from 1948 through 1961. Then things started getting a little weird. Neptune moved ahead a bit, but Pluto caught up to Neptune and eventually matched Neptune’s speed creating another sextile from 1967 through 1990. After that Pluto’s speed got faster than Neptune’s and they were approaching another semi-sextile when Pluto began to slow down again. Now Neptune and Pluto are beginning a new sextile. They began that sextile on July 22nd of this year, 2022, and it will continue through September 2nd, but they will not come to an exact sextile. The closest they will get is 1° 55′ apart on August 22nd.

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Neptune and Pluto will continue approaching a sextile then backing away for a few more years until they reach an exact sextile in 2026. Then this sextile will wax and wane though 2032. And they will have another 2 years approaching a sextile until Neptune finally pulls ahead. Then they will eventually reach a square (90°) from 2060 through 2066.

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I expect the next 10 years will bring some major changes to our planet and our culture. When Neptune and Pluto sing in harmony it energizes a desire to create. These two will add a lot of zing to our imagination. It will intensify our sensitivity to one another and the disasters happening around us. Fantasy books and programs will become more popular. And many will be looking for inspiration and adventure. I’ve got a feeling our Artemis mission is going to reveal even more than we hope.

*Disclaimer – My dates for the Neptune sextile Pluto are rather rough. The only dates I examined down to the exact day are the Neptune Pluto sextiles in 2022 and 2023. As I take more time to examine the Neptune-Pluto sextiles in more detail, I will refine these dates in the future.

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