Planetary Transits

Planetary Transits October – December 2022

MercuryEntersLibra Mercury Enters Libra – October 10th at 7:51 pm et

VenusEntersScorpio Venus Enters Scorpio – October 23rd at 3:52 am et

SunEntersScorpio Sun Enters Scorpio – October 23rd at 6:36 am et

JupiterRetrogradeEntersPisces Jupiter Retrograde Enters Pisces – October 28th at 1:10 am et

MercuryEntersScorpio Mercury Enters Scorpio – October 29th at 3:22 pm et

VenusEntersSagittarius Venus Enters Sagittarius – November 16th at 1:09 am et

MercuryEntersSagittarius Mercury Enters Sagittarius – November 17th at 3:42 am et

SunEntersSagittarius The Sun Enters Sagittarius – November 22nd at 3:20 am et

MercuryEntersCapricorn Mercury Enters Capricorn – December 6th at 5:08 pm et

VenusEntersCapricorn Venus Enters Capricorn – December 9th at 10:54 pm et

JupiterEntersAries Jupiter Enters Aries – December 20th at 9:32 am et

SunEntersCapricorn The Sun Enters Capricorn – December 21st at 4:48 pm et

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