Planetary Transits

Planetary Transits January – March 2023

VenusEntersAquarius Venus Enters Aquarius – January 2nd at 9:09 pm et

SunEntersAquarius The Sun Enters Aquarius – January 20th at 3:30 am et

VenusEntersPisces Venus Enters Pisces – January 26th at 9:33 pm et

MercuryEntersAquarius Mercury Enters Aquarius – February 11th at 6:22 am et

SunEntersPisces The Sun Enters Pisces – February 18th at 5:34 pm et

VenusEntersAries Venus Enters Aries – February 20th at 2:56 am et

MercuryEntersPisces Mercury Enters Pisces – March 2nd at 5:52 pm et

SaturnEntersPisces Saturn Enters Pisces – March 7th at 8:35 am et

VenusEntersTaurus Venus Enters Taurus – March 16th at 6:34 pm et

MercuryEntersAries Mercury Enters Aries – March 19th at 12:24 am et

SunEntersAries The Sun Enters Aries – March 20th at 5:24 pm et

PlutoEntersAquarius Pluto Enters Aquarius – March 23rd at 8:13 am et

MarsEntersCancer Mars Enters Cancer – March 25th at 7:45 am et



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